Fun Facts About Massachusetts

The name of Massachusetts comes from the tribe of Native Americans. Some other nicknames for this state are including Old Bay State, Old Colony State and Pilgrim State.

The capital city of Massachusetts is Boston that had a total population of 685,094 up to the recent survey. In this article, there is some fun fact about Massachusetts that you might not know.

Also, there is a plenty of history to this state of Massachusetts, but there is a plenty of arbitrary state fun facts that you might not know such as:

  • There is a residence in rock port made out of newspaper
  • Massachusetts has the lesser divorce rate in a country
  • The Massachusetts state insect is a ladybug
  • Both volleyball and basketball were invented in Massachusetts
  • It is prohibited to use tomatoes to make clam chowder

funny facts

  • Pink plastic flamingos were initially manufactured in Leominster
  • The lid jug outside a Boston Children’s Museum keeps 50,000 gallons
  • The Massachusetts is a house to the lake with longest name in the globe
  • The Citgo sign consists of five miles of neon tubing
  • The initial Dunkin Donuts ever opened was in Quincy

The greatest things invented in Massachusetts

The Boston has been a house to the numerous noteworthy inventions as well as findings. You just want to take a look at some of the most practical and essential things invented in Massachusetts you possibly never knew are,

  • Disposable blade razors
  • The microwave
  • The Facebook
  • Tupperware
  • Marshmallow fluff


  • The electronic voting machine
  • The Telephone
  • The World Wide Web consortium
  • Computerized spreadsheets
  • The ballpoint pen
  • The paper bag
  • The monkey wrench


Therefore, these are all funny facts about Boston and in addition to; there are so many interesting facts available to study.