Are you planning to upgrade the car of yours with excellent sound system and but worried about the minimum funds?

Don’t worry, here we are giving an excellent proposal which all can try to improvise their car audio system with high definition.

We are going to talk about a process which is to hook up subwoofer to a stock radio which will be really an effective step to enhance the sound. Method to hook up subwoofer to a stock radio2

Don’t spend much money

Mostly people will upgrade the entire system in order to get eventual sound effects. But please don’t do that and listen to the idea given here.

Instead of spending more on changing the entire system, spend some money to buy branded subwoofer from market so that you can connect sub to a stock stereo.

This will help you to get the desired result but you may be confused can it be done? Or is that process really possible? The answers are exactly yes and let us see how it can be done here.

Process to add subwoofer to stock radio

At first buy a branded amplifier because it will be helpful to avoid distortion. After buying amp you can start the process to add subwoofer to stock radio.

The amp bought has to be wired in to the head unit and then after that the subs bought can be attached to the amp with the help of wiring process.

Amp also helps to exactly filter the sound which could not be played by the subs and this helps to bring a clear audible sound.

Amps are found with various watts and there are low – pass filters and also high – pass filters. Hence find the best which would suit you so as attach subs to it and enjoy the excellent sound range.Method to hook up subwoofer to a stock radio3

Wiring process

The next process in our topic will be wiring and here the amp has to be wired to the radio and then subwoofers which are bought have to be fixed with the amp.

Many think this step is impossible but actually it is possible and so try to buy a high quality wire at first. Then buy the amps and subs based on the model of the stock stereo.

The key process is very simple and it is given in points below

  • Remove the radio from the car
  • Get the wires from the radio
  • Find out the output wires separately
  • Connect those wires to the input of the new amp
  • Take the other end amp wires
  • Connect those wires to the subwoofers

After completing all these process connect to the car and check the sound. That’s all, the process to connect sub to a stock stereo is been completed bravely.