Music to concentrate. Opinions are mixed when it comes to listening to studying. Some say that you must study in absolute silence and those who support the so-called “Mozart Effect”, according to which better results are achieved through music.

Not all music is suitable for studying. Some genres must be avoided because they do not concentrate, contain words, refrains and that encourage rhythm and movement and that enter the head like a jackhammer.

If you choose music to study, however, in addition to preferring the right and best one for you, you must follow some precautions to get the best out of this method.

For sure don’t choose the radio. The advertising or the DJ on duty who speaks can distract you and make you lose attention. The music to concentrate is never at full volume of audio headphones, but it is always a background. Create playlists that last an hour or more, so you don’t have to change tracks continuously and waste time.

listen to music while studying

Classical is the best music to concentrate on

It is appropriate to say a great classic. It is known that classical music, compared to other genres, has a profound effect on mood, thanks to the fact that it is peaceful and harmonious and is the most popular choice among students. Mozart is the most popular because it is proven that his music improves mental and cognitive performance, as already mentioned before precisely “Mozart Effect”.

Ambient music

This music can be ideal to concentrate and relax, especially if you are under scrutiny, it is a real cure-all. It is certainly more modern and original than classical music and the soundtracks of films are particularly suitable for this purpose.

listen to music while studying

Traditional Japanese music or natural sounds

Relaxing and zen melodies, especially those played with the shakuhachi, Japanese straight flute. This genre suitable for calm can only benefit the desperate and destroyed student from the study and could be perfect study music to be played in the background. Many students benefit from listening to the sounds of nature, such as rain, the chirping of birds, waves, crushed dry leaves.

Electronic or experimental

The sounds of electronic music, whose main rhythm is always recognizable but which do not overly attract attention, are ideal for not being distracted. The same applies to experimental music: the hybrid style allows you not to focus too much on the piece itself, but still helps to “keep the rhythm” of the studio.