Subwoofer With The Dual Input

Subwoofer is a unique type of speaker and designed to produce effective sounds to have a great experience.

Advanced designs of subwoofers successfully work along with other speakers in the auto stereo system and give a vast range of better sound frequencies.

As a beginner to the subwoofers, you may get confused with why subwoofers have left and right inputs and think about how to properly use the subwoofers. The dual input in the subwoofers let them an extra sensitive adjustment.

This usual design is enough to use the mono LFE subwoofer signal from the receiver with a low output. This is worthwhile to use the Y-splitter and overcome this low output problem.

A proper use of the both inputs of the subwoofer with the same mono signal increases the sensitivity of the car subwoofer twice.

All users of the subwoofer with RCA input nowadays get a good improvement in their entertainment and enjoy the best sound quality as expected.

You have to keep in mind that dual inputs produce soon after the two magnetic coils are attached behind the subwoofer’s nest for the purpose of the sound and quality of sound out from the single source.

There are four wires and double magnetic coils in the two input subwoofers.

These double magnetic coils in the subwoofers creates the combination of the two channels and lets double signals convert into the single signal for producing the best sound.

Get an array of benefits from the subwoofers

It is the suitable time to focus on everything about the subwoofers and inputs associated with subwoofers.

Easy-to-follow guidelines about how to connect subwoofer to left and right input nowadays give you eagerness and confidence to directly connect your subwoofer with the input as per your requirements.


You may think about the remarkable benefits of using the two inputs in the subwoofers. Subwoofers with the two inputs are vital because they produce the maximum quality of the sound and enhance the bass.

Do not forget that an enhancement in the bass is the response of more than one input. The dual inputs enhance the subwoofer’s power and let the subwoofer to produce the loud sound.

These two inputs assist users to get an improved stereo effect and enough support for preserving the bass from the music system.

You can take advantage of the expanded soundstage and improved imaging with the dual input subwoofers.