It does not mean that you can predict your TV speaker problems only at the final stage. There are few symptoms that make you to understand, that your TV speaker are blown.

The first step that you follow is to troubleshoot your speakers that too through your television audio menu.

When it does not get fixed on your speaker then you have to open your television and replace the speaker with new one if it cannot be repaired.

To find out the blown out TV speaker sound effects there is a need for you to examine few things.

The speaker would rely upon the electromagnetic coil that is referred to a voice coil. These often occur while you are playing your music at different volumes.

For predicting this problem there is a need for you to patiently listen to your speaker sound.

The blown speaker would sound distinctly distorted and you can find some difference over there. Check out the connections is set properly. How do I know if my TV speakers are blown?2

How to check it?

For checking you can make use of the millimeter and turn the stereo off.  This would help you to connect the speaker terminals and to read out the impedance.

Usually the blown speaker would read out the infinite impedance where the speaker that is not blown out should read out “1”.

If you are not expert in dealing out with it then you can seek help from the external support sure they can help you to solve those issues through doing repair or replacing your blown speaker. How do I know if my TV speakers are blown?3

Steps for identifying out your blown speakers

When you like to replace your blown speaker by yourself then you can follow these steps that are listed below:

  • There is a need for you to unplug your television and lay it while doing that make sure that you lay down your television in the soft surface.
  • Slowly remove out the screws from the back of television, make sure that you would unscrew before you are opening it back.
  • Remove the back cover patiently and keep them separately.
  • Identify a blown speaker that would be helpful for you to replace out with the new speakers.
  • It is required for you to check out the volts that your old speaker have is equal to the new once.
  • After that you can fix your back cover, screw it tightly then turn on your television back on its base.
  • Plug in and hear with the new speakers sound effects and start enjoying.